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At Silver Silver Lining Wellness, Treasure De La Cruz focuses on the individual.  Providing researched based info to help our patients, specializing in women’s health, especially fertility, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause, and dysmenorrhea.  Acupuncture is excellent for pain relief, including headaches and pain from injury, improving sleep, digestive issues, helping stress and more


If you are not seeing a time that works for you online for SF location.

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A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, craniosacral, shiatsu, can incorporate moxa and cupping! 

Women's Health and Fertility 

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"I've been seeing Treasure for various issues for the last five months. Over that time, she's given me herbs and suggestions for improving my fertility and now my egg count is way better than before I started seeing her. Not only that, I look forward to seeing her for her sincere compassion, encouragement, and support. She really does care about how you're doing and is fully invested in your well-being!"

Cindy Z. - Yelp review

Call or text 415-770-4045

for an appointment 

"Treasure is a lovely human and I am so grateful to have found her. I started seeing Treasure for acupuncture and fertility support shortly after having two miscarriages in very short succession. She is always professional, welcoming, and empathetic. At the beginning of each session, she was always very thorough in asking questions about my health and how my body was feeling. She was extremely kind in holding space for my emotions when talking through my fertility issues and I appreciate that she was so supportive. I became pregnant in January 2019 several months after I began acupuncture and continued treatments until the week of my delivery in October 2019.

Treasure takes the time to explain the philosophy behind Chinese medicine and her recommendations for treatment. She went above and beyond by also researching and recommending outside resources, support groups, birthing classes, etc. She made suggestions for herbal supplements but never pushed me to take anything that I wasn't interested in. I found the acupuncture sessions very comfortable, calming and restorative. I am so very thankful for Treasure and her care. She is wonderful!"

Amelia E- Yelp Review

"I was recommended acupuncture to alleviate  my stress and Crohn's disease symptoms. After my Yelp research, I ended up scheduling my first appointment with Treasure and haven't regretted my decision.

Since our first session it was very clear to me that she cares deeply about her patients. I take her serene and soothing personality as part of my treatment. I like that she takes time to ask a lot of questions and genuinely listens. Her treatments vary, but they always leave me feeling calm, well rested and relaxed. I really appreciate her help in recommending helpful ways to deal with anxiety, stress and even vertigo. 

I'm glad I get to see her every couple of weeks and am looking forward to my next session!"

Iva Z.- Yelp Review

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